SPEAKERS - Digital DNA Summit 2020



Chris Barton

Founder, Shazam

Sid Venkataramakrishnan

Acting European technology correspondent, Financial Times

Scott Klososky

Founding Partner, Future Point of View

Mike Pappas

CEO & Co-Founder, Modulate.ai

Ashray Malhotra

Founder, CEO of Rephrase.ai (Techstars Company)

Gilad Talmon

CEO, TetaVi

Bethanie Maples

Researcher, Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence

Luisa Verdoliva

Associate Professor at University Federico II of Naples (Italy)

Ryan Wang

Founding Partner, Outpost Capital LLC

Raul Popa

CEO & Co-Founder, TypingDNA

Ilya Ovchinnikov

ML Research Team Lead, Dasha AI

Veronica Costa Orvalho

Founder, Visionary & Optimist Engineer at Didimo Inc.

Alex Serdiuk

CEO, Respeecher

Steven Charlap, MD, MBA

CEO, Soap Health

Siwei Lyu

Empire Innovation Professor

Michael Musandu

CEO, Lalaland

Fathy Yassa

CEO, Speech Morphing Systems

Timmu Tõke

CEO at Wolf3D

Mayank Kumar

CEO, Tangent.ai

Marius Moga

Music producer, composer and singer, DeMoga Music

Hao Li

CEO, Pinscreen

Zohaib Ahmed

Founder and CEO, Resemble AI

Claude de Loupy

CEO & Co-Founder, Syllabs

Alex Mitchell

Founder and CEO, Boomy Corporation

Kundan Kumar

Co-founder of Lyrebird AI and Research Lead at Descript

Alin Popescu

CEO, avocatnet.ro

Sabin Dima

CEO & Co-Founder, Humans

Liron Allerhand

Head of AI, Hour One

Sergiu Neguț

Co-Founder of FintechOS

Anda Zahiu

Member, Research Center for Applied Ethics

Margareta Chesaru

Digital and AI policy expert

Ioana Filip

SVP Executive Creative Director at Energy BBDO, Chicago

Alexandru Mihalache

Head of Digital Channels, UniCredit Bank


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